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Groundwork is an organizational development partner situated at the intersection of data, design, and doing.

Nailing the fundamentals is your organization's highest point of leverage. Getting the basics right means tending to the few critical practices and processes upon which everything else is built. In our view, this generally has to do with data, design, and doing. 

  • Operational Data - Do the right people have the right information at the right time?

  • Inclusive Design - Have solutions or processes been designed with the right data at hand and the right stakeholders at the table? Are there cycles and methods to continually refresh and refine designs?

  • Capacity for Doing - Do you have the human bandwidth necessary to execute?

We are an organizational development partner and design shop that works with nonprofits, local government and education institutions, and collective impact initiatives to strengthen their work and build effective, inclusive process. These are collective capacities of teams, not individual leaders. To that end, we focus on the building blocks of all good organizations and initiatives: 

  1. Strategic governance that is inclusive and structured to share power

  2. High-quality management that provides equitable support across all levels and within groups

  3. Organizational learning capacity that is continuous, generative, and not extractive

  4. Team culture that is inclusive and strengths based that fosters belonging

In this vein, Groundwork tends to engage around the organizational development work that forms the bedrock of all successful organizations: routines and processes of good management and governance, the ability to listen deeply to beneficiaries and stakeholders, and the practices of culture creation and maintenance which sustain the team. 

If this sounds interesting, let's talk. Click the relevant button below to schedule an introductory conversation, or email us directly. 

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