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Groundwork is an organizational development partner tightly focused on working with:

  • Collective impact initiatives by providing initiative design and backbone facilitation.

  • Nonprofit boards of directors by providing training, facilitation, and board management.

  • Organizations and agencies that want to build a culture and process of collaborative learning.

  • Youth and young adult power building and leadership development groups by providing training, infrastructure, and coaching.

While the above are our current core services, we also have uniquely robust experience working with nonprofits and government agencies focused on high school completion and postsecondary transition by providing design services very specifically focused on developing and improving personalized guidance, support, and coaching that incorporate the Core Science of Adolescents and the latest research on youth and young adult development in support of high school completion and successful postsecondary transition.

We are looking to have fun doing important work with kind people. Curious? Let's talk. Click the button below to schedule an introductory conversation, or just email us directly. 

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What We're Into

In service of the above, we think that getting a few basics right opens the door to high impact work. In our view, this generally has to do with data, design, and doing. 

  • Operational Data - Do the right people have the right information at the right time? 

  • Inclusive Design - Have solutions or processes been designed with the right data at hand and the right stakeholders at the table? Are there cycles and methods to continually refresh and refine designs?

  • Capacity for Doing - Do you have the human bandwidth necessary to execute?

Finally, we take a values based approach to our work, and, in general, we think about the collective capacities of teams, not individual leaders. To that end, we aim to work with organizations and initiatives that share these priorities: 

  1. Governance that is inclusive and structured to share power

  2. Management that provides equitable support across all levels and within groups

  3. Organizational learning capacity that is continuous, generative, and not extractive

  4. Culture that is inclusive, strengths-based, and fosters belonging

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