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How would it feel if each act of your organization reflected what you hope to create in the world?


We believe that social sector organizations must create ways of doing business that manifest exactly what they hope to see in the world, or they are simply recreating inequities and exclusion. Whether big or small, those discontinuities chip away at us as individuals and at our collective work. We believe the remedy is good and inclusive governance along with a culture and practice of organizational learning.


The processes, practices, and norms of governance (means as ends) are the pre-conditions of success or failure for organizations and initiatives, and a culture of learning with the robust and reliable practices creates the operational conditions to be shaped by the data and stories that matter most. 

Groundwork is an organizational development partner tightly focused on working with:

  • Collective impact initiatives by providing initiative design and backbone facilitation.

  • Nonprofit boards of directors by providing training, facilitation, and board management.

  • Organizations and agencies that want to build a culture and process of collaborative learning.

  • Youth and young adult power building and leadership development groups that have an explicit inside + outside approach by providing training, infrastructure, and coaching.

We are looking to have fun doing important work with kind people. Curious? Let's talk. Click the button below to schedule an introductory conversation, or just email us directly. 

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