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We support: nonprofit Boards of Directors in efforts to move toward the "Governance as Leadership" model; networks and collaboratives in designing and implementing workable governance structures; and local government in creating community engagement strategies that are actually engaging. Healthy and inclusive governance is the groundwork for change at scale. 

  • Board of Directors training and development / nonprofit governance

  • Collaborative and network governance

  • Community and stakeholder engagement and inclusion

Meeting and Retreat Design and Facilitation

A good meeting can generate great ideas, spur effective plans, and/or build important relationships. A bad meeting...well, we all know how quickly a bad meeting can turn us off or shut us down. We bring a human-centered approach to meeting and retreat design to create the experience your after that drives toward the outcomes you need.

  • Agenda design and content creation/curation

  • Day of coordination and logistics wrangling

  • Facilitation 

Organizational Development

We help organizations and groups to imagine the future they're after in vivid terms, and we work to design practices and structures that can bring this to life. We also facilitate organizational learning and the internal communities that create sustainable practice for learning. Finally, central to all of our efforts in this domain is helping organizations to deeply listen; we use practices like human centered design and action research to create meaningful opportunities to learn from and with stakeholders and beneficiaries. 

  • Inclusion and belonging / organizational culture building

  • Organizational learning initiatives

    • Communities of practice

    • Human centered design initiatives

    • User / beneficiary research

Partnership Development

No organization is an island. And in a highly connected and networked world, being aware of who is working in adjacent spaces, and forging mutually beneficial partnerships is foundational to success. Additionally, for organization's seeking growth or to secure allies for efforts, we work to establish clear, values-driven criteria and rubrics that ensure time is well spent.

  • Landscape mapping

  • Partner vetting and engagement

  • Stakeholder analysis

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