Groundwork only partners with individuals, teams, organizations, and networks that are wildly ambitious and humbly-yet-madly engaged in the work. We always start with relationships. If your organization or effort has workaholic tendencies balanced by deep connections among colleagues and a healthy dose of belly laughs, then we can likely do great work together. Here's what we do:

Culture Creation & Maintenance

We coach individual and teams using Gallup's proven CliftonStrengths model. Understanding your strengths and building on your talents is the groundwork for individual and team success.

Deep Listening & Design

We help organizations and groups listen to stakeholders and beneficiaries. We use practices like human centered design to create meaningful opportunities to learn from clients. Listening carefully to "clients" is the groundwork for creating powerful programs and services.

Board of Directors Governance Training and Facilitation

We support Boards of Directors in targeted efforts to grow or improve in the vein of "Governance as Leadership" through a focus on structure and reliable practice that endures beyond any individual or group. Healthy boards are the groundwork for all organizational endeavors.

Collective Impact and Network Model Implementation

We support collaboratives and networks in forming the practices that allow them to move from talking about common problems to tackling them. We focus on process and structure development as the necessary groundwork for successful collaboratives and networks.